Stax Diner

Name: Stax Diner

Location: 1, Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW

The first time I visited Stax Diner (after drooling at pictures of the food for several weeks on Instagram) I was very surprised at the size of the restaurant. It was a very small space, seating a handful of people, and to my disappointment I was told that I would need to wait 30 minutes. I certainly was not willing to say no since I could practically hear the burgers calling my name. After handing the waiter my contact number so he could give me a ring when a table was free, my friend and I wandered Oxford street until we received the call.

I ordered The Stax Insanity which I was lured in to by the fact the menu said that this particular burger had ‘homemade hot sauce’ added to it (I love anything and everything hot – hot is my middle name). I also ordered Stax fries and a chocolate milkshake.


My burger is at the back (you can see the hot sauce in the burger, yum)!

It was by far the best burger I’ve eaten, it had lots of flavours, cooked just right and was very filling.

I’m not the biggest of fans of milkshakes but the chocolate milkshake from Stax diner surprised me as I really enjoyed it. It was as nearly good as the burger! The price of my meal including the milkshake was £20 to £25.

The second time I went, I decided to be daring and order the chicken and waffle which includes fried chicken breast, buttermilk waffle and maple syrup.

Chicken and waffle
Chicken, waffle and maple syrup. An interesting combination, that’s for sure!

I honestly couldn’t make up my mind about whether I liked this or not. It tasted a lot better without the maple syrup but in my opinion it was quite bland and boring. It definitely is overrated and far too confusing for my taste buds!

I would recommend sticking to the burgers as they taste really good.

Quality of food: 4/5
Value for money: 3/5
Customer service and waiting times: 1/5

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