EU – In or Out?

I am one of the few voters that are still undecided on which box to place a cross on on the 23rd of June 2016. Will remaining in the EU or exiting it benefit Britain the most?

So far I have gathered the following from doing a little research online and reading the numerous leaflets that comes through the letterbox every so often!

Pros of Brexit :

  • Billions of pounds will be saved as Britain will no longer be required to pay in to the EU budget
  • Britain can set up its own rules for immigration and the numbers can be controlled
  • British businesses would be free from EU regulations which can be very restrictive and tight

Cons of Brexit:

  • The EU will no longer provide millions of pounds to UK universities to help with the costs of research
  • Britain will no longer have an influence/say in Europe but will still need to contribute to the EU budget if they want access to the single market
  • It is estimated that thousands of jobs could be lost within the first two years of Brexit

I think leaving the EU is a risky decision as there are so many uncertainties surrounding it but the potential benefits seem promising.

Are you voting in or out and why?

Comment below 🙂

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