Notorious Kray Twins

Ronnie and Reggie Kray – the two notorious twins from the East End of London. They were described as the most dangerous men in Britain at one point and are still known as the gangsters of East London. They were West End nightclub owners but were also criminals participating in armed robbery, arson and murder.

I watched the movie ‘Legend’ in cinemas when it was released in 2015 which was a portrayal of the twins’ and their lives. It was an interesting, fast paced movie and Tom Hardy played both twins so it was also eyecandy for me. However, their lives and criminal activities were glamourised which was unfortunate because at the end of the day they were criminals who were violent and who had no remorse for their actions. Nonetheless it was a very interesting story to watch.

An interesting fact which never fails to make me laugh is that Barbara Windsor – Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders! – had a one night stand with Reggie Kray.

The pair were arrested in 1968 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Ronnie died in a high security psychiatric hospital in 1995 whilst Reggie died in 2000 eight weeks after being released from prison

4 thoughts on “Notorious Kray Twins

  1. And I grew up in Bethnal Green when the Krays were active, more or less. I left Bethnal Green in 1964 for Switzerland. They originally came from a street that I knew well. Bethnal Green was not a large area , and my aunt did know their mother. Their favourite meeting place was the Pellicci cafe on the Bethnal Green Road which I knew quite well. I must admit I never really knew them. I had probably seen them from time to time, but they were not in a circle of our family friends. Of course they were notorious and had a reputation, but unless you were directly involved with their way of life, they did not bother you.

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    1. Thank you for your reply! That’s really interesting to know that you lived in the same area as them growing up. You mentioned that unless you were directly involved with them they did not bother you so would you say that the local people weren’t really scared of them? Have you been back to the UK or are you residing in Switzerland now? 🙂

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      1. I have been living in Switzerland for 50 years, but made an annual visit to London to see my dad who had moved to Dagenham and who passed away last year aged 100 years. The Krays moved in their own circles and the only people actually being scared of them were other gangsters. As an average working class family you did not realize they were there and just read about their crimes in the newspapers. They had a connection to our local church, St. James the Great, commonly known as the red church because of its red bricks, where Reggie was married. My mum and dad were married there and I was christened there 70 years ago. The Vicar of the church was one of their friends. Since then the church has been converted to flats..
        I no longer visit London, now have dual nationality, having married a Swiss

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