Friendship: the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.

I think it’s fair to say that we have all experienced friendship at some point in our lives –some more than others and some lasting longer than others.
But it hurts when your best friend is suddenly someone else’s best friend. I knew that my best friend was getting closer to another friend within our friendship circle but I didn’t think that I would suddenly become number 2 and no longer the person she shares inside jokes with or the person she messages every day or the person she meet up with for coffee just to have a catch up with. In all honesty it truly sucks and it actually hurts. Why wasn’t I good enough? This has happened to me recently and it isn’t a subtle transition, it’s a more ‘she’s replaced you and frankly, I don’t give a shxt if you know’ what with the constant uploading to social media of their trips to the shopping centre and restaurants without an invite my way. (I am aware that I sound very immature right now).

However, there are some friendships that last a lifetime. Say for instance my friend that I have known since I was a baby. We went to the same nursery, primary school, secondary school and sixth form and on top of that we live a few doors down! Although we sometimes go for months without having any contact with one another and we have had our ups and downs (mostly ups) when we do meet up it’s like we haven’t stopped speaking. I can trust her with pretty much everything and she is the one person who I know will always have my back no matter what. Friends like her are hard to come by.

Then we have toxic friends. Friendship that start off oh- so well but then begin to spiral downwards. I met this particular friend during one of my mind numbingly boring maths lessons a few years back when we were paired up randomly to tackle a few maths questions and somewhere in between our conversation and our hurry to finish the task in order to leave early for lunch we clicked. Same sense of humour, same sarcastic retorts and similar interests made our friendship last a solid four years. But then slowly her character and her qualities began to change. She became rude, self-righteous and would constantly talk bad about other people. I began to distance myself and slowly that friendship began to dissolve and the only thing that remains of that friendship are a few photos in an album that she had gifted me on my birthday.

I guess I wrote about friendships to illustrate that anything can change in a blink of an eye – one day you’ll have a friend and the next she’s gone and this can apply to pretty much anything. There isn’t really a moral to this but if you want to take anything away from this then I guess you can take away the fact that people will eventually disappoint you so by virtue you’ll also disappoint a couple of people in your lifetime too.

Goodnight y’all

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