I liked Adrian a great deal and I wanted to ask him out for ‘coffee sometime?’ but all of my friends were determined that I do not pursue him.
“It’s the 21st century girls,” I had stated an obvious fact to my two friends who sat comfortably in my living room, sipping on iced tea.
Carmel placed her cup on to the table in front of her. “Yes darling, but it doesn’t mean that you ask him out on the first date. A gentleman will always ask a lady out first. What an odd thing of you to want to do. Wait for him to make the first move or you’ll regret it.”
“I just want him to know that I am interested in him. Inviting him to join me for a harmless cup of coffee at the local Starbucks is hardly a crime against women!”
Honey decided to pipe in. “I absolutely 100% agree with Carmel on this. You cannot ask him out. Come on, it’s the rules of dating.”
“Ugh, but he is so oblivious. He doesn’t get the hint. How long do I have to wait?” I asked genuinely frustrated.
“You need to wait as long as it takes. Drop a few more hints here and there.”
“But what if he doesn’t ever get the hint and then ends up asking someone else out!” I grabbed my phone from the charger. “I don’t care. I’m gonna text him now and ask him.”
Honey and Carmel shared a look and then Honey lunged at me whilst Carmel grabbed the phone out of my hands.
“Ha! I’ve got it!”
“Listen to me,” Honey said. “You cannot be asking men out. Don’t be so silly. That is not how it works.”
“Shut up and give me my phone back,” I complained.
“I’ll give it back once you promise me you won’t askk him out.” Carmel said tossing the phone between her hands.
“But you guys don’t understand. I really, really like him,” I sighed thinking about his deep, soothing voice and dreamy eyes. “He’s just so-” I was cut off by Honey throwing a pillow at my head.
“We’ve heard it all before. Now promise us you won’t as him out. Just wait and be patient for him to ask you out. I promise it will be worth it.” Carmel squeezed my hand.
“Fine,” I said reluctantly. “Give me my phone back.”
“Um no first say the P word.”
“Promise I won’t,” I muttered.

3 months later
I was scrolling through my Facebook on my phone and stumbled across a post by Adrian. There was a picture of Adrian with his arms slung around a pretty, young brunette with starbucks cups in theirs hands! Arghh I’m so going to kill Honey and Carmel!

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