I’m back 3 years later

31st May 2017 was the final time I put pen to paper or should I say fingers to keyboard. It’s close to 3 and a half years since I’ve logged back in and shared my thoughts and ramblings on WordPress! 

The last few years have been a whirlwind. I obtained my Master’s degree, followed by a year’s training. Welcomed a gorgeous niece and nephew into the world and cried my goodbyes to loved ones who departed too early. Lost touch with some friends but also created meaningful friendships with others. Experienced some highs followed by some lows.
And let’s not forget lived and still living through the global pandemic.

I was reading through my old blog posts just a little while ago and I can barely remember writing them! Why does it feel like a lifetime ago? Nevertheless, it was great reflecting on them and remembering things that were long forgotten. Random, little things bought a smile to my face such as reading that I watched Legend in the cinemas starring the hunk Tom Hardy. I enjoy the process of documenting things that have happened in my life (in particular the small things). 

I’m going to write my thoughts on different topics and anything of interest to me. I’ll probably write a few short fiction stories because I used to really enjoy doing so.

I’m clicking random buttons and trying out the different styles that WordPress is offering. There was really no need for the first paragraph to be ‘preformatted’ and the second paragraph to be put into a ‘verse’ but I guess it looks pretty cool until I clicked on preview and the top two paragraph were in one line which I could only read by scrolling left! I have no clue how it works thus I have returned it to the standard format!

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