Falling leaves. Brown and burgundy. Long nights and short days. Cuddled under a blanket. Hot chocolate. Coats and boots. Brollies and scarves. Pumpkin spiced latte. Chilly and crispy. Clouds and mist. 

The truth is I’m a summer time girl. I live for the sunshine, the long days, and the adventures abroad. In London, moods are lifted when the sun peeks out though the clouds. But the reality is that we experience cold and rain for most of the year. I came across an interesting term a while ago: hygge.
It is a Danish concept and it describes a moment or feeling that is cozy or charming. The Danes use this concept to get through the winter months. They try to create a warm atmosphere and make it very cosy. The take pleasure in the simple, gentle things like a pair of comfy slippers and a cup of warm tea, or sharing stories with your family around the fireplace.

I think this year I will try to really focus on Hygge and make the autumn and winter months enjoyable!

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