7 things I learnt in 2020

This year is coming to an end. For some, its been a whirlwind of a year and for others it’s been painstakingly slow. However, for many it’s a year that they wish they could erase. Many cannot wait to close the chapter of a disastrous year.

I thought it would be useful to spend some time reflecting on both the positives and the negatives that this year has brought me and some of the lessons I’ve learnt.

These are the 7 most important things I’ve learnt in 2020:

  1. Some people will be absolutely horrible to you for no reason whatsoever and it isn’t your fault! Their behaviour is a reflection of themselves. I had spent a good chunk of the year feeling miserable because of certain individuals’ nastiness. Unhappy individuals spend their time and energy bringing others down. The ability to not let other people’s negativity affect your peace is something I haven’t fully mastered yet but this year definitely has given me a chance to slowly try to adopt this mentality. I was forced into situations where I either could dwell and be miserable along with these individuals or try to ignore it to maintain my peace.
  2. It’s okay to let some opportunities pass. Growing up, I was always taught the importance of taking on every opportunity that comes your way. The same opportunity doesn’t come round twice. But this year I turned down an opportunity because at the time I wasn’t ready. But then when I felt ready, all I had to do was ask. If you don’t feel ready to take on an opportunity at the first chance, don’t force yourself. You can always create opportunities for yourself later on.
  3. Self care and self-love must always be a priority. Self-love is a basic human necessity but in our technological-advanced, fast paced lives we tend to neglect it. This year I tried to put myself first. I allowed myself time to recoup and recover otherwise I would’ve really struggled in all other aspects of my life. 
  4. Setting boundaries in any and every type of relationship is imperative. Setting boundaries prevents people from taking advantage of you. This was one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt this year. 
  5. Stand up for yourself even if it feels uncomfortable; even if you know that it will create an awkward atmosphere. Bullies exist not only on the school playground. My experiences this year has strengthened me and forced me to become more assertive and know when to stand up for myself. 
  6. Prioritise checking in with friends. This is especially vital if you know that they’re going through a rough patch. Lending an ear is sometimes all that the other person might really need from you. My friends were always there to provide me with words of support and advice and I’ve done the same for my friends this year. Having a strong support network is so important. This doesn’t need to be a huge group of people, it can be one or two individuals you know you can trust.
  7. Be kind – this is something I try to be every single day. This year has shown me the impact of small acts of kindness. Even speaking kindly to someone can really brighten their day up. You never know what’s going on in people’s lives and in their minds and your kindness can really go a long way. People remember kindness and the way you made them feel.

These are the 7 things I’ve learnt this year.

What important lessons have you learnt?

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