Lazy Saturday

London is in lockdown. As a result, there isn’t much to do on the weekends. I went for an awfully long walk yesterday evening and when I got home I was absolutely knackered. I was outside for ages that my hands had frozen along with my toes. I woke up very late today nearing noon … More Lazy Saturday


Falling leaves. Brown and burgundy. Long nights and short days. Cuddled under a blanket. Hot chocolate. Coats and boots. Brollies and scarves. Pumpkin spiced latte. Chilly and crispy. Clouds and mist.  The truth is I’m a summer time girl. I live for the sunshine, the long days, and the adventures abroad. In London, moods are … More Autumn

My uni experience

I attended one of the top universities in the UK, a Russel group university to be specific. For those who may not be familiar with this term, a Russel group university is one of twenty-four research intensive universities in the UK. It was a privilege to attend such a prestige university especially being a female … More My uni experience

How to not get down in the dumps when you can’t find a job?

Feeling down in the dumps? This piece is mostly for me, to remind myself on what I need to do, to avoid feeling down in the dumps. It has been very difficult trying to secure a job amidst the coronavirus pandemic.  Listed below are a few things that have helped me during this difficult period. These … More How to not get down in the dumps when you can’t find a job?

Not so simple

I sit on the uncomfortable, grey chair in the dimly lit waiting room, my feet tapping in sync to the ticking of the clock on the white walls. The walls could do with another lick of paint, I think to myself. I’ve been waiting awhile now, but appointments with doctors are forever running late – … More Not so simple

The social dilemma

The social dilemma on Netflix The social dilemma was a very insightful docu-drama starring on Netflix. It highlighted the detrimental effects of social media on a global scale. It explained that the addictive nature of social media is not accidental – the constant need to scroll through your feed is fine-tuned by engineers who devote … More The social dilemma