Not so simple

I sit on the uncomfortable, grey chair in the dimly lit waiting room, my feet tapping in sync to the ticking of the clock on the white walls. The walls could do with another lick of paint, I think to myself. I’ve been waiting awhile now, but appointments with doctors are forever running late – … More Not so simple


Pursue I liked Adrian a great deal and I wanted to ask him out for ‘coffee sometime?’ but all of my friends were determined that I do not pursue him. “It’s the 21st century girls,” I had stated an obvious fact to my two friends who sat comfortably in my living room, sipping on iced … More Pursue


“I need you,” Angela sobbed. “You don’t. You’re better off without me.” “I need you to survive.” “Oh, stop being so goddamn dramatic Angela,” Adam snapped. Adam’s eyes darted around the cafe they were sat in. Although it was a fairly spacious cafe, it felt too small with the stuffy men and women in their … More Survive


I descend the stairs as fast as my legs can carry me, rush towards the door and push it open. His familiar scent invades my nose – a faint cigarette smell mixed with expensive cologne. With a flick of the switch, I see his desk in the centre of his modern, sleek office and head … More Descend